About History

  Lanzhou National University was founded on On August 1, 1946. The physics department was based in its liberal arts college and Yu ruiheng was engaged as the dean of the department.

                    Former site of the Optical Laboratory of the Department of Physics, Lanzhou University (before 1957)

      The faculty and students of Semiconductor Department of Lanzhou University in the early stage of its establishment (61st and 63rd grades), May 1959.



       Teachers of the Department of Semiconductor Physics of Lanzhou University are conducting scientific research.

                                    Professor Yang Zhenning lectured at Lanzhou University in 1976.

                                         Group photo of the National Magnetic Recording Seminar in 1979.


                                  Professor Ge Molin gave a report at the Mechanics Report (1979.9).

                                  Duan Yishi and Ge Molin collaborate to study the theory of gauge field.

                    Hu Qing, the first national CUSPEA exam in 1981, discussed the problem with the students.

                              In September 1989, Mr. Duan was awarded the National Excellent Teacher.

               Electrostatic induction devices BSIT, SITH results identification meeting. (January 22, 1991)



                                     The first batch of modern physics laboratories established in China,

                 Shen Jian teacher and a large-scale scanning electron microscope instrument imported from Japan.



Professor Qian Bochu who is a famous national teacher in Lanzhou university is teaching students quantum mechanics.