Join the practice of anti epidemic and show the responsibility of youth -- a documentary on Jiang Yihui's participation in anti epidemic volunteer service in his hometown

At the beginning of the summer vacation, Jiang Yihua saw the assembly order of Jingjiang Youth League Municipal Committee calling on students in the township to join the epidemic prevention work and do their part for the epidemic prevention in his hometown from the home news website. He immediately signed up online to join the epidemic prevention team in Jingcheng street, Jingjiang City. As soon as the school's summer activities were over and returned to Jingjiang, he applied to Tuanjie Road community, Jingcheng street to join the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service activities, The main task is to publicize epidemic prevention knowledge during the day, check the travel code and health code of passing personnel at the checkpoint, measure body temperature, register the information of returning personnel in low-risk areas at night, patrol and supervise the checkpoint prevention and control together with community staff, and "Online + offline" are carried out simultaneously, incarnating as a young and powerful guard shield for epidemic prevention and control.

"Please wear a mask, please prepare the travel code and health code, and measure your body temperature". Similarly, it has to be repeated countless times every day. Although the neck is red in the hot sun, the clothes are soaked with sweat, and a few residents complain that they don't cooperate, he still smiles and persuades the elderly who can't use smart phones, Patiently assist them to check the itinerary code and health code, and persuade them to travel less unnecessarily. He made the spirit of voluntary service deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with his enthusiasm and sincerity. Late at night, he still stuck to the front-line epidemic prevention post at the grass-roots level with the community staff, checked the foreign personnel returning to Jing on the same day one by one, checked the registered nucleic acid detection information, and registered it in the computer account. Although he worked for a long time every day, he never slacked off. He said: "the epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. The hard work and selfless dedication of grass-roots community workers have given me great encouragement and encouragement, and also let me see the Chinese people's attitude and determination to unite for epidemic prevention and anti epidemic. Out of respect for life and responsibility for others, young volunteers should stick to their posts, resist the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control and go against the epidemic! " He told the party with action: please rest assured that the anti epidemic has me!

Youth is the hope of the family and the future of the country. While improving his self-cultivation, Jiang Yihua did not forget to help his colleagues. During the community epidemic prevention work, I heard that the mother of a troubled child in the district was ill and hospitalized. Usually, only the child was at home, and the community workers took care of it every day. Jiang Yihua took the initiative to buy learning auxiliary materials, followed the staff to their home, checked the child's learning, urged him to preview the contents of the new semester in time, and encouraged him to strive for his inner ideal. Jiang Yihua believes that giving roses has a lingering fragrance in his hand. He can bring momentum to others through his little strength. At the same time, he can also pass on the spirit of volunteerism to a new generation of teenagers, so as to make this society full of hope and beauty.