The College held a 2021 undergraduate grade conference

On the afternoon of December 5, the College held a grade meeting for 2021 undergraduates in C301, Tianshan hall. All 2021 undergraduates attended the meeting, which was presided over by counselor fan Jinlei.

On the occasion of the 86th anniversary of the "12.9" movement, in order to further enhance the young students' sense of mission and responsibility in patriotic struggle, fan Jinlei taught the main group lesson of "inheriting patriotism and stimulating youth dream -- Commemorating the 86th anniversary of the" 12.9 "Patriotic Movement" to 2021 undergraduates. "12.9" movement is a large-scale student patriotic movement led by the Communist Party of China. Starting from the historical background, process, achievements and of the "12.9" patriotic movement, fan Jinlei introduced the great historical significance of the "12.9" patriotic movement for the formation of the Anti Japanese national united front; Led you to review the history of the youth movement led by the Communist Party of China in various periods of Chinese revolution, construction and reform, and explained that the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has always been the constant theme of the Chinese youth movement; *** "Live up to the times, live up to youth, and live up to the ardent expectations of the party and the people".

Fan Jinlei summarized and reviewed the recent work of the grade, praised the collectives and individuals who won awards in the activities of the school and college recently, and reminded the students to strictly abide by the school rules and disciplines in their daily study and life with disciplinary cases. Fan Jinlei also informed and asked for epidemic prevention and control, class situation, construction of class party constitution and party history learning group, prevention of Internet fraud, safety and health of dormitories, three walks, etc. Remind students that there is not much time left in this semester, and summarize and review as soon as possible; Actively contact academic tutors and actively participate in scientific and innovative practical activities.