The College of physical science and technology held a faculty meeting to deepen the study of the spirit of the summer work conference

On the afternoon of September 9, the school of physical science and technology held a faculty meeting in conference room 1001 of Gezhi building to study the special report of the school's summer work meeting and convey the spirit of the summer meeting. This is another in-depth study of the spirit of the summer work conference after the special study of the joint conference of the party and government of the college and the meeting of the directors of the teaching and research office. The meeting was presided over by Wu Guojun, Secretary of the Party committee.

At the meeting, Wu Guojun led the faculty and staff of the college to study Ma Shuji's concluding speech at the summer work meeting. He pointed out that in his concluding speech, Ma Shuji based on the advantages of the University, compared and analyzed the disadvantages, condensed "eight advantages and eight measures", put forward four opinions, defined the next development ideas of the University, and pointed out the direction for the development of the University. He hoped that the faculty and staff of the college would further study the special report of the summer work conference in combination with their work reality, implement the spirit of the summer work conference, emancipate their minds, change their ideas, focus on one place, think about one place, concentrate and spare no effort to promote the comprehensive reform of the college, stimulate the vitality of development in the new era, and accelerate the construction of first-class disciplines of the college.

Vice president Wang Jianbo led vice president pan Baotian's special report on education and teaching entitled "solving ideological renewal, concept reform and innovation, and striving to improve talent ability", and arranged and deployed the construction of double 10000 majors, double 10000 courses, ideological and political courses, etc.

Vice president Liu Xiang conveyed the documents of Gansu Province on scientific and technological innovation, informed the approval of the National Natural Science Foundation in 2021, and led the report on scientific ethics and style of study education. He encouraged young teachers not only to forge iron, but also to actively "go out" to carry out academic exchanges and cooperation, enhance academic influence and further enhance their competitiveness in project application.

Finally, president Luo Honggang pointed out that since the college was included in the pilot unit of comprehensive reform in 2018, it has adhered to establishing morality, cultivating people's original heart, bearing in mind the mission of educating people, and comprehensively launched comprehensive reform under the guidance of "teaching reform". Sort out the curriculum system and formulate the connection scheme of this research; Establish scientific research team and encourage cross innovation; The purpose of optimizing the management mechanism and improving the service level is to enable teachers to devote more energy to the improvement of talent training quality and independent innovation, fill weaknesses and plug loopholes, make concerted efforts around the key indicators of "first-class disciplines", and accelerate the cause of the college to a new level. The comprehensive reform ideas and measures of the college coincide with the national guidance and school policies. It is hoped that the Faculty of the college will deeply implement the summer work spirit of the college, focus on talent training, team building, independent innovation and social services, discipline construction, cultural inheritance and innovation, international exchanges and cooperation, and make concerted efforts, Promote the rapid development of the college while realizing personal value.