The College of physical science and Technology participated in the third faculty Gas Volleyball Competition

From December 11 to 12, 2021, the third faculty Gas Volleyball Competition of Lanzhou University opened in the new gymnasium in the West District of Chengguan campus. Each college will form teams to participate in the competition in the unit of division of labor, and each unit is limited to one team for men and women. The school of physics formed a team to participate in the competition of two events for men and women.

Before the game, the teachers of the college volleyball club signed up enthusiastically and soon formed two teams with 10 men and 10 women. Everyone overcame difficulties in work, weather and other aspects, and actively arranged time to participate in competitions and training. In particular, the teachers in class still stood on the three foot platform to teach and educate people in the first ten minutes. As soon as class was over, they became athletes on the court.

In the group match, the men's team played against the school of economics, the second College of Lanzhou University and the school of atmosphere respectively; The women's team played against the team of Stomatology college and the team of Geology and mineral college respectively. The men's team entered the next round without danger, and the women's team easily entered the next round under the leadership of teacher Zhang Minghua. In the semi-finals, the team members of our college worked hard in unity and cooperation, and sweat on the field to show their style. And finally won the first place in the women's group and the eighth place in the men's group.

The College of physics has always attached great importance to the amateur cultural and sports life of the faculty and staff. The trade union of the college has actively organized, and the participating team members have trained hard and prepared actively. On the field, everyone has high morale, full of vitality, concerted efforts and dare to fight. The climax of each competition has occurred one after another, showing the style of a united collective. I hope all teachers will actively participate in various cultural and sports activities, enjoy their spirit and exercise after busy work, and devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm to meet new challenges.