General relativity and gravitational wave detection

Report summary:

 After a hundred years of development, general relativity has replaced Newton's law of universal gravitation in many physical problems and become the basic theory of gravitational physics. In this report, the basic physical idea of describing gravitational interaction in the language of space-time geometry in general relativity will be introduced in simple language. In the dynamic space-time, the change of space-time structure will lead to the oscillation of geometric curvature, which is often called gravitational wave. The report will briefly describe the basic principle of gravitational wave detection and the great significance and development of gravitational wave detection.

Personal profile:

 Runqiu Liu, doctor of theoretical physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher and doctoral supervisor of Academy of mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Cui Ying visiting professor of Lanzhou University. He mainly studies the mathematical problems related to general relativity and quantum field theory, and is mainly engaged in the detection of space gravitational waves in recent years.